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MWF Student Development Content

Chris Cabrera Thompson (UCLA
Library) won an iPad for an MWF
staff contest this summer.

Following a pair of MWF app development contests for department staff, UCLA will host the first ever MWF student app development contest this November. This contest seeks to demonstrate to students the power of the MWF for mobile web app development. Qualifying applications must demonstate the value of the MWF by showcasing the "ease of use", "speed of development" and "ease of deployment" of the framework.

The UCLA Education & Collaboration Technology Architecture Group will kick off the contest with an evening presentation and workshop on the framework. Students will then have until January 3, 2012, to submit their app, so as not to interfere with student final schedules or other commitments.

The prize for this contest will be an iPad 2 given via a random drawing of all qualifying entries. Students may collaborate in teams up to four, and all names will be entered into the drawing.

All submissions will need to grant an indefinite license for the UC to distribute mobile application code submitted for the contest.


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