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An initiative founded on collaboration

The MWF initiative is the product of collaboration between numerous institutions. As such, we welcome all who have an interest in developing the MWF and related tools. Our team is made up of a diverse group of passionate innovators in the modern web, guided by a UC-governed steering committee, the UCLA Education and Collaboration Technology Architecture Group, and the initiative's numerous partners.

Leave your footprint on the MWF

Powered by distributed development paradigms and a set of free software licenses, the MWF team welcomes all serious contributions to the project. Through the Git SCM, JIRA issue tracker, Crucible code review software, the distributed development life cycle offers a number of ways to make your mark on the MWF.

For more information on collaboration, feel free to email the MWF team.


Enter into the mobile web with confidence via the Mobile Web Framework.


Federated, device-agnostic and platform-independent, the mobile web framework is well-suited for any environment.