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About the MWF

Borne out of a desire to provide a device agnostic, platform independent, easy to use, and easy to deploy framework for the mobile web, the UCLA Mobile Web Framework makes it simple to keep pace with the rapidly evolving mobile landscape.

Built with the content provider in mind, the UCLA Mobile Framework allows one to avoid detailed device-by-device planning, implementation, upgrades and maintenance, making real on the promise of "develop once, use everywhere". Built to support either a central or a distributed landscape of applications powered by it, the framework takes less than five minutes to install and, with thorough documentation, hardly any longer to get started using it.


Device Agnostic: The framework is compatible with any web-capable mobile device.

Platform Independent: The framework can be used by applications written in any language and on any environment.

Easy to Use: Developers write one set of semantic markup and the framework handles the rest.

Easy to Deploy: The framework is lightweight and simple to deploy and maintain.

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Enter into the mobile web with confidence via the Mobile Web Framework.


Federated, device-agnostic and platform-independent, the mobile web framework is well-suited for any environment.