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Download and Deploy the MWF

The Mobile Web Framework is freely available on Github under a source-available license. Built upon the principle of federation, one copy of the framework can enable developers across an entire institution simply by having them include two HTML tags and then use the framework's markup standards with no requirement of a particular development language or environment.

For more information on deploying, check out a MWF documentation's Getting Started for System Administrators page.

Build Applications on the Framework

The framework relies on browser-side technology, namely HTML, CSS and Javascript, to provide a mobile look and feel. This means that programmers can simply take existing data models and business logic and overlay a set of HTML entities and Javascript routines to take advantage of everything it offers.

The documentation contains a great deal of information about features currently in the MWF, as well as a roadmap and specifications for features coming soon to the MWF.

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Enter into the mobile web with confidence via the Mobile Web Framework.


Federated, device-agnostic and platform-independent, the mobile web framework is well-suited for any environment.