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Join Us in Mobilizing with the MWF

With collaboration as its heartbeat, campuses across the University of California and beyond are hard at work on the Mobile Web Framework (MWF) initiative, and we welcome the opportunity to build a larger community across Higher Ed and the broader IT space. The MWF is not just a set of applications, but rather a mobile development toolkit that allows a large and diverse University or other institution to leverage a single branding and standard to mobilize a site for all visitors on web-capable devices. While participation is open to all, the UC MWF community extends a special invitation for participation to the Cal State Universities and California community colleges in accordance with our state-specific educational mission.

MWF Enables, Empowers and Engages IT Staff

The MWF strategy has focused on giving any IT culture, central or distributed, homogeneous or heterogeneous, a shared tool that enables, empowers and engages IT staff to enter the mobile arena with low risk and at low cost. The core team has run a number of developer workshops for participating institutions, and after these workshops even inspired developers to tackle mobile implementations of their existing websites and applications with prizes such as an iPad 2.

MWF in Research

UCLA and other institutiosn have embarked on partnerships with researchers in the mHealth and other research arenas who want to make use of the MWF technology. We have additionally build a number of applications that run on the MWF, such as our conference/events tool, and are working on making these available through the initiative.

Higher Ed Community Involvement

The UC is working closely with and encourages involvement in the Educause ACTI Mobile Web Frameworks group. This group is focused around sharing the Mobile Web Framework and associated technologies in higher education as well as developing standardized interoperability web services to get LMS data into a mobile consumable format.

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Enter into the mobile web with confidence via the Mobile Web Framework.


Federated, device-agnostic and platform-independent, the mobile web framework is well-suited for any environment.