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The UCLA Mobile Web Framework

The UCLA Mobile Web Framework facilitates the development of a robust, feature-rich, cross-platform mobile web presence. It focuses on mobile web standards, semantic markup and device agnosticism, allowing developers to develop a single application capable of running on all web-capable mobile devices.

In the past, the rapidly changing mobile device landscape has proven challenging for institutions to navigate as developers have had to address each device separately. The Mobile Web Framework circumvents this. It provides a platform by which a single application can reach visitors on all web-capable mobile devices. It allows developers to avoid detailed device-by-device planning, implementation, upgrades and maintenance, and all their associated costs, instead making real on the promise of "develop once, use everywhere", providing a simple abstraction layer whereby developers are free to develop and the framework does the heavy lifting to support devices across the vast mobile landscape.

Going a step further, the framework is not only device agnostic, but also platform independent. Driven through dynamically generated CSS and Javascript based on the user's device, it is compatible with any server-side language and environment. One copy of the framework, run centrally by an institution, can power any number of applications, be they directly on the same server or distributed through some larger, heterogeneous environment. It separates presentational functionality from backend logic, making it easy not only to deploy in distributed settings, but also to lay on top of existing data models and business logic, merely by defining HTML based on its semantics and leveraging its rich Javascript API where necessary.

The UCLA Mobile Web Framework was recognized at the highest level by the University of California's Information Technology Leadership Council (ITLC) when the project was awarded the 2011 Larry L. Sautter Golden Award for Innovation in Information Technology.

For more information on the framework, please refer to its documentation site.

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Enter into the mobile web with confidence via the Mobile Web Framework.


Federated, device-agnostic and platform-independent, the mobile web framework is well-suited for any environment.