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Device Telemetry Stack

The mobile device landscape presents developers with a distinct challenge in identifying the capabilities of all visiting devices in a consistent manner, and in making that data available both client-side and server-side. While the MWF uses the Device Telemetry Stack (DTS) internally in its handlers, compressors and other assets, DTS is also available in a stand-alone fashion.

At this point in time, in addition to a client-side Javascript API, the real innovation that DTS brings to the table is that, in a nearly transparent fashion, it makes available the same information server-side as well. Long gone are the days of having to rely on static metadata files that keep track of every user agent out there and attempt to gauge the phone's capabilities. DTS takes this telemetry to the next level, consulting the phone itself to determine its abilities, and then passing that data back server-side as well.

The DTS stack currently includes both a robust Javascript API, and a server-side PHP API that provides simple access to device telemetry server-side. Taking with it the same strategy as the MWF, it classifies devices into three basic levels to simplify the process of developing for all devices. However, for those interested in going further, it also lets one determine much deeper information about the device if desired. In the future, the team intends to expand DTS to offer not just a PHP API, but also APIs for other languages including Java, .NET, Python and Ruby.

This project is under active development and will soon be available for download.

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