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Online Polling Tool (OPT)

Audience feedback is crucial to any individual talking to a room full of people. Consideration of audience feedback can make a presentation more targeted and effective, and ultimately make the presentation that much more engaging. The difficulty lies in gathering this pool of valuable data.

The Online Polling Tool is an extensive solution formulated to satisfy this need. The underlying architecture of the solution will be a service provider layer that will handle data transactions. There will then be a client application that serves as the front-end interface, with which polls may be authored or completed. This service-oriented architecture leaves the door open for a number of developers to create their own client application, so that the Online Polling Tool can be accessed from whichever application a user prefers.

The initial iteration of the Online Polling Tool will consist of a mobile web application constructed utilizing the UCLA Mobile Web Framework. In this way, the system will be immediately accessible to the largest possible audience, although plans for device specific native applications and even a desktop implementation are in the works.

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